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    March 19, 2014

    Ripley Lighting Controls new LongLife Photocontrol (6390LL-BK) is taking the market by storm. The product is being well received throughout the industry, whether in New England or California and all points in between, it's flying off the shelves from Ripley’s manufacturing facility located in West Columbia, SC.

    Ripley’s LongLife Photocontrols are designed and constructed to have a nominal life of 20-25 years. Ripley LongLife Photocontrol “New Generation of Technologies that change the Game” with its ZCS Technology ( Zero Cross Switching ) that protects the devices from inrush currents, commonly found in LED Luminaires and currently the only photocontrol utilizing an Intelligent Microprocessor assuring advanced performance & reliability. Ripley has a patented Self-Healing Relay allowing for unattended field restoration along with a 3 Tier Power Supply Circuitry consisting of a 640 Joule 33mm MOV rated @ 40,000 Amps for primary protection, Dual Zener Diodes for secondary protection and a 3rd layer of protection using a precision voltage regulator. It also comes with Ripley’s patented Tru-Filter phototransistor which matches the spectral sensitivity of the human eye.

    These features along with test documentation allow Ripley Lighting Controls to offer an industry leading 12 year warranty with expected life spam of well over 20 years. The 6390LL-BK was tested for predicted failure rate, utilizing the Telcordia SR-332 prediction model. MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) is a measure of how reliable a product is. MTBF is usually given in units of hours; the higher the MTBF, the more reliable the product is. MTBF for Ripley’s Long Life Photocontrol is MTBF = 3,084,450 Hours. Thus, for a product with an MTBF of 3,084,450 hours, and an operating time of interest of 25 years of 24x7 (219,000 hours): which says that there is a 93% probability that the product will operate for the 25 years without a failure, or that 93% of the units in the field will still be working at the 25 year point. Note: the Reliability calculation assumes replacement upon failure.

    That fact, its features and Ripley Lighting Controls reputation with vigilant implementation of the highest quality criterion within their products are why the 6390LL-BK Photocontrol is impacting the Street & Area Lighting Industry.


                 “RIPLEY RELIABILITY”  have you experienced yet?