FAA Approved Series

ETL Certified Obstruction Lighting Photocontrol, complies with applicable requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Advisory Circular, Specifications for Obstruction Lighting Equipment, AC # 150/5345-43e.

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Exclusive Features:

  • Tru-Filter® InfraRed-Filtering Photocontrols
    • Greater control
    • Greater accuracy
    • Overall energy savings
  • Double-Sided Plated-Through Circuit Board (DSPT) for durability and reliability
  • Quad-Gate Technology for precision and consistency
  • Full Wave Rectification
  • Dual Zener Diodes
  • 320 Joule MOV
  • High Impact Thermoplastic Base
  • Solid Brass Contact Blades
  • UV Stabilized Permanent Color, High Impact Resistant Polypropylene Cover

Model Selection

Voltage105V-305V105V-305V12V-48V (DC)
Surge Protection320 Joule MOV320 Joule MOV50 Joule MOV
Operating Light LevelsTurn on @35 FC / Turn Off @52 FCTurn on @2 FC / Turn Off @5 FCTurn on @35 FC / Turn Off @52 FC
Ripley Standard Cap ColorBlueBlackGreen

See spec sheet for additional options - not all models available for purchase through website

FAA Approved Series

FAA Approved Series
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