Ripley Products - PhotoClock®

  • PhotoClock®  II with GPS Technology

    Energy Management Made Easy

    Stand-Alone Energy Management

    Value Priced Solution

    Reliable and Secure

    World-Wide Coverage 
    Ready to deploy with NO complex commissioning or networks to maintain

    GPS Time Receiver – Sub-Second Accuracy

    7 Day Versatile Programmability 
    Simple Configuration

    480 Volt not currently available.

    This product is covered by one or more patents: US 7,345,270 B1; US 8,884,532 B2

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  • PhotoClock®  II w/ 0-10V Dimming

    GPS Time Receiver & 0-10V Dimming

    Energy Management Made Easy w/ GPS & 0-10 V Dimming

    PhotoClock Example: Our standard factory, and most requested, setting is on at full brightness at dusk, dim to 5 Volts at midnight, back on to full brightness at 5 a.m., and off at dusk. This schedule can be customized to meet your specific lighting needs. 

    5 Volts = 50% (approximately and dependent upon fixtures)

    Features of the PhotoClock:

    Stand-Alone Energy Management: Value Priced Solution

    Reliable and Secure 

    ANSI 136.41…

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  • Ripley Programming Cable for PhotoClock®  II

    Ripley's USB Style programming cable

    Custom designed interface cable - designed specifically for programming PhotoClock® II with GPS Technology 

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  • Energy Management Kit

    Controls and Programming Cable all in one package

    Five RC8744-E000-2.6 (standard East Coast settings)

    One Ripley USB programming cable

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