PhotoClock®  II with GPS Technology

Energy Management Made Easy

Stand-Alone Energy Management

Value Priced Solution

Reliable and Secure

World-Wide Coverage 
Ready to deploy with NO complex commissioning or networks to maintain

GPS Time Receiver – Sub-Second Accuracy

7 Day Versatile Programmability 
Simple Configuration

480 Volt not currently available.

This product is covered by one or more patents: US 7,345,270 B1; US 8,884,532 B2

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Exclusive Features

GPS Time Receiver: 
Subsecond Accuracy
World Wide Coverage
7 Day Versatile Programability:
6 Customizable daily events
Simple set-up and programming 
  Zero Cross Switching Technology:
protects the device from inrush
currents, commonly found in LED
SELF-Healing Relay: Our Patent Pending technology
actually works to un-stick the contacts. Allowing
unattended field restoration. 

3 Tier Power Supply Circuitry: 320
Joule MOV rated, Dual Zener Diode and a 
precision voltage regulator.


  Intelligent Microprocessor: assures
advanced Performance & Reliability
  Tru-Filter®: spectral sensitivity
matches that of the Human Eye

Standard Models

Standard Factory Settings

(On @ Dusk / Off @ Midnight / On @ 5AM / Off @ Dawn - DST Enabled)


  RC8744 - (105-305V) RC8794 - (480V)
Eastern (EST) RC8744-E000-2.6 RC8794-E000-2.6
Central (CT) RC8744-C000-2.6 RC8794-C000-2.6
Mountain (MTN) RC8744-M000-2.6 RC8794-M000-2.6
Pacific (PST) RC8744-P000-2.6 RC8794-P000-2.6


*480V not currently available. 

This product is covered by one or more patents

US 7,345,270 B1
US 8,884,532 B2

Custom Scheduling Options

Simple Setup System Override Off ( Seasonal Operation) Individual Day Scheduling
Customer Programmable or Factory Set
Flexible Programming Options
Minimizes disorientation of Wildlife
City, State and National Parks and Recreation Areas
Government - Retail - Manufacturing
Educational -Institutional - Medical

fig1 Application Main Screen


fig.2 Customizable Program Screen


Quick Start Guide 

PhotoClock® Support Site


On our Photoclock® Support site you will find support, software, documentation and other resources. You are able to register your product on this site, download the software to program your Photoclock, submit a schedule for your device to be factory set, among many other features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many events can you schedule per day? Per week? 

 - You can schedule 2 light level events, which are always dusk and dawn and 4 time based events every day - for any or every day. 

Do you need an external power supply to program the units? 

 - The customer Ripley USB programming cable has been designed to supply power to the unit for programming. 

Can units that have been factory programmed with a schedule be changed? 

- Units that have been previously programmed either at the factory or by the customers can be changed with the downloadable software and the custom USB programming cable. 

PhotoClock®  II with GPS Technology

Energy Management Made Easy

PhotoClock®  II with GPS Technology
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