High Voltage Tru-Filter

480V and 347V Voltages

Ripley’s standard twist-locking style controls with our exclusive Tru-Filter® InfraRed- Filtering technology also comes in Higher Voltages for the special & Canadian applications.

Designed for greater control, greater accuracy and greater overall energy savings.

Available in all voltage ranges ( 480 volt - 347volt).

Standard 8 year warranty.

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Exclusive Features:

  • Tru-Filter® InfraRed-Filtering Photocontrols
    • Greater control
    • Greater accuracy
    • Overall energy savings
  • Double-Sided Plated-Through Circuit Board (DSPT) for durability and reliability
  • Quad-Gate Technology for precision and consistency
  • Full Wave Rectification
  • Dual Zener Diodes
  • 530 Joule MOV
  • High Impact Thermoplastic Base
  • Solid BrassContact Blades
  • UV Stabilized Permanent Color, High Impact Resistant Polypropylene Cover

A single infrared-filtering phototransistor in each Tru-Filter® photocontrol, filters out all sources of infrared to mirror the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, and provide highly accurate control across the entire visual light spectrum

Model Selection

Surge Protection530 Joule MOV530 Joule MOV
ANSI Standard Cap ColorYellowGreen

See spec sheet for additional options - not all models available for purchase through website

High Voltage Tru-Filter

480V and 347V Voltages

High Voltage Tru-Filter
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