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Ripley Technology

Ripley Lighting Controls and parent company Electro Switch Corp. take pride in quality standards that meet or exceed industry standards in all of their product lines.  They continuously bring innovation to the photocontrol industry, such as the Ripley PhotoClock®.  Wherever control of outdoor lighting is needed, Ripley Lighting Controls is there - streetlights, roadway lighting, area lighting, parking lot lights, billboard lights, landscaping lighting, sign lighting and more. 

Engineers at Ripley Lighting Controls spend countless hours in their state-of-the art laboratory developing the technologies that assures the street lights across America save energy while keeping us all safe and secure. They spend time out in the field as well as serving on various lighting committees that allows them to keep a pulse on the industry and its movement. 

Establishing heritage and new ideas...

Tradition and high quality standards...

Ripley Lighting Controls and Electro Switch Corp. - a winning combination!