Power Tap - Multi Tap Step Down

An Ancillary Power Tap with a Multi-tap Transformer, allowing convenient access to 120 Volt ancillary powers from a range of voltage lighting poles. 

  • Always On Photocontrol maintains normal operation
  • Draws Power Directly From Streetlight Luminaires
  • Simple Twist-lock Mounting Into Existing Twist-lock Outlet
  • No Hard Wiring Required
  • Universal Plug and Receptacle
  • Heavy Duty, Utility Grade, Built For Harsh Outdoor Elements and Environment

Typical Installation

Details image

Configuration Always On Photocontrol maintains normal operation
Primary Voltage Taps 208 / 230 / 277 / 480
Secondary Voltage 120
Cord Length 14 Feet - photocontrol base to transformer box; 8 feet - box to 2-prong receptacle (Standard)
Cord Connection 2-prong receptacle (Standard)