Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ripley’s warranty?
  • It varies depending on which product line; typically it’s 1 year to 12 years.

What is a Tru-Filter®?
  • Our Tru-Filter® is a single infrared-filtering phototransistor in each of Ripley’s photocontrols, it filters out all sources of infrared to mirror the spectral sensitivity of the human eye providing highly accurate control across the entire light spectrum (simply what you are able to see, so does the photocontrol).

PhotoClock® vs Time Clock?
  • The Ripley patented twist-lock photocontrol is a Built-In Smart Clock which Synchronizes and continually monitors the signals from the Atomic Clock  providing unparalleled scheduling and accuracy eliminating the need for expensive, unreliable, hard-wired time clocks.

What is a LongLife Photocontrol?
  • The 6390LL Series Photocontrol has been designed, manufactured and distributed with the emerging LED Luminaire market in mind. It allows you or your customer to have confidence that the initial expenditure to install or convert to LED will give you an acceptable ROI. The LongLife photocontrol that we lead the industry with is truly “The Game Changer” with its exclusive technologies incorporated in the unit.

Why should I use a LongLife on LED?
  • LED Luminaires have some very unique characteristics that are not found on most lighting fixtures. The main is that it has a High In-Rush when it’s asked to come on and also it creates an excess of heat. A standard photocontrol does not take those things in consideration within their designs. The Ripley LongLife Series has been engineered with those LED Shortcomings in mind, we utilize ZCS Technology, which limits that In-Rush that is detrimental to the internal drivers, along with the Industries first Microprocessor Control photocontrol and using a 3 Tier Power Supply and our patented Self-Healing Relay we are able to limit that abuse on the drivers, assuring a longer life span for the LED.

What about Contactor Controls, why are yours better?
  • We offer a full line of Contactor Control Boxes; looking at our standard catalog you see we have everything from a 30 AMP – 100 AMP with numerous options available. Ripley also prides itself with meeting our customer’s specific needs by Designing & Manufacturing to his or her requirements. The units we offer are all Solid State and we partner with industry leaders assuring the highest quality products are deployed in the field.

Does Ripley make a Contactor Box for LED?
  • We do offer a CR Series Contactor Box that takes the High In-Rush into account when adapting to an LED conversion or new installation. Our design utilizes Solid State Relays with a timer control along with all the other quality components that our customers have become accustomed when purchasing Ripley products.

Where are your products made?
  • Ripley is located in Raynham, MA and we remain proud of our “Made and Manufactured in the USA” heritage.

Does Ripley offer a Wireless System?
  • We offer varied wireless products and continually introduce innovative new products with the customer specific needs in mind.

Who are some of your customers?
  • Ripley Lighting Controls provide products throughout North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Our customers include Utilities, Municipalities and Co-ops as well as Government Entities.