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PhotoClock® II with 0-10V Dimming

GPS Time Receiver & 0-10V Dimming

Energy Management Made Easy with GPS & 0-10V Dimming

PhotoClock Example: Our standard factory, and most requested, setting is on at full brightness at dusk, dim to 5 Volts at midnight, back on to full brightness at 5 a.m., and off at dusk. This schedule can be customized to meet your specific lighting needs.
5 Volts = 50% (approximately and dependent upon fixtures)

Features of the PhotoClock II

- Stand-Alone Energy Management for Value Priced Solution

- Reliable and Secure

- ANSI C136.41 Compatible Base for 7-pin Receptacle

- GPS Time Receiver with Sub-Second Accuracy

- 7 Day Versatile Programmability with Simple Configuration

- This product is covered by one or more patents: US 7,345,270 B1; US 8,884,532 B2

Exclusive Features

GPS Time Receiver: 
Sub-second Accuracy
World Wide Coverage

7 Day Versatile Programability:
6 Customizable daily events
Simple set-up and programming

Zero Cross Switching Technology:
protects the device from inrush currents commonly found in LED Luminaires.

SELF_Healing Relay:
Our Patent Pending technology actually works to un-stick the contacts allowing unattended field restoration.

3 Tier Power Supply Circuitry:
640 Joule MOV rated, Dual Zener Diode and a precision voltage regulator.

Intelligent Microprocessor:
assures advanced Performance & Reliability.

spectral sensitivity matches that of the Human Eye.

Standard Models

PhotoClock II Support

Click on the Quick Start Guide to download PDF.

Click on the following link to download the PhotoClock® programming software to your browser. Unzip this file and run the setup program to install this software on your computer. You will then need to connect your PC to the PhotoClock®II using the Ripley Programming Cable for PhotoClock® II. Please note that software will not run on a MAC platform, PC only.

Standard Factory Settings

(On @ Dusk  /  5V Dim @ Midnight  /  On @ 5 pm  /  Off @ Dawn - DST Enabled)

Note: 480V not currently available. 

This product is covered by one or more patents


Custom Scheduling Options

Simple Setup: Customer Programmable or Factory Set - flexible programming
System Override (Seasonal Operations): Minimizes disorientation of Wildlife
Individual Day Scheduling: For flexible area lighting control