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LongLife II

Game Changing Technology

Designed, manufactured and distributed for the new emerging light technologies of today and tomorrow. Our LongLife II Series incorporates our industry changing technologies: ZCS Technology, Microprocessor Technology, 3 Tier Power Supply and our New patented ‘Self-Healing’ Relay.

All designed to assure you and your customers an exceptional photocontrol with a 25 year life span. That is the “Ripley Reliability.”

Exclusive Features

Zero Cross Switching Technology:
protects the device from inrush currents commonly found in LED Luminaires.

SELF_Healing Relay:
Our Patent Pending technology actually works to un-stick the contacts allowing unattended field restoration.

3 Tier Power Supply Circuitry:
640 Joule MOV rated, Dual Zener Diode and a precision voltage regulator.

Intelligent Microprocessor:
assures advanced Performance & Reliability.

spectral sensitivity matches that of the Human Eye.