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Photocontrols - Other Miscellaneous

86390HL Hazardous Location Unit

A Wired in Photocontrol designed as a Hazardous Location Unit. Explosion Proof, Dust-Ignition Proof, Weatherproof

UL Classified, CSA Certified & FM Approved for Class 1, Div.1&2, Group B,C,D / Class 2, Div.1&2, Group E,F,G / Class 3 / Nema 3,4,7 BCD, 9EFG / Cenelec EEx d 2 B IP66.

A robust control designed for numerous hazardous location applications.



Ripley’s Wired-In Photocontrol as a direct replacement to GE Astrodome lighting controls


7051 Series

Wired-In Pencil Photocontrol Series. Designed in High Impact Thermoplastic with a swivel base and a thumb-screw lock down for precise positioning. Versatile in Security Lighting Systems, Low Voltage Lighting, Landscaping Systems