Tru-Filter Fail Off Series

Ripley’s standard twist locking style controls with our exclusive Tru-Filter® InfraRed- Filtering technology in a “Fail Off” model.

Designed for greater control, greater accuracy and greater overall energy savings.

Available in all voltage ranges (120 - 208 - 240 - 277 volt).

Standard 8 year warranty.

  • Tru-Filter® InfraRed-Filtering Photocontrols
    • Greater control
    • Greater accuracy
    • Overall energy savings
  • Double-Sided Plated-Through Circuit Board (DSPT) for durability and reliability
  • Quad-Gate Technology for precision and consistency
  • Full Wave Rectification
  • Dual Zener Diodes
  • 320 Joule MOV
  • High Impact Thermoplastic Base
  • Solid Brass Contact Blades
  • UV Stabilized Permanent Color, High Impact Resistant Polypropylene Cover

Details image

  6390TF-FO 6246TF-FO 6372TF-FO
Voltage 105V - 305V 105V-135V 200V-300V
Surge Protection 320 Joule MOV 320 Joule MOV 320 Joule MOV
ANSI Standard Cap Color Green Gray Maroon

See spec sheet for additional options - not all models available for purchase through website